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Guided walking-tour to "Kneipp" at the waterfall of Barbiano/Barbian

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Guided walking-tour to Kneipp at the waterfall of Barbiano/Barbian. "Everything we need to stay healthy has been generously given to us by nature," said pastor Sebastian Kneipp. Water, nutrition, exercise, medicinal herbs and life order - on this hike you will experience the holistic health concept of Kneipp. Water-treading in the cool mountain stream, barefoot-walking and feeling the soil, get to know the medicinal herbs and wild herbs along the way and relaxation exercises in the open air: a refreshing, relaxing hike on the trail of Kneipp. Walking time: 3 hours, return at 1 pm. Difficulty of the hike: easy to moderate, good footwear is needed. For members of the TV Klausen, Barbian, Velturno and Villanders the hike is free, for non-members € 8.00 per person. ONLY with reservation the day prior, max 9 persons

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