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Guided mountain hike from Welschellen over Col dal Lè to the Glittner Lakes

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Welschellen - Welschellener Alm: 1h30' Welschellener Alm - Col da Lech: 40' Duration: 03:45 h Length: 9.6 km Meters of altitude: 675 m

The hike to the Glittner Lakes starts just outside the village center at the sports field of the tranquil Val Badia mountain village Welschellen. From there, the wide, gently ascending forest trail winds through the forest, which here and there reveals surprising views of the Dolomites opposite to the Welschellener Alm, which invites you to take an enjoyable break in the midst of idyllic alpine meadows. The cozy alpine hut is known for the fresh and lovingly prepared South Tyrolean dishes that make connoisseurs' hearts beat faster. Behind the Welschellener Alm, the hiking trail, which is still wide at first, stretches to the nearby forest border, behind which wide, gently undulating mountain meadows extend. They contrast enchantingly with the rugged rock faces of the Peitlerkofel opposite. At the next fork in the trail, the now narrow hiking path turns to the right and climbs over the grassy mountain ridge to the summit cross of the Col da Lech, visible from afar. At an altitude of 2,175 m, a breathtaking panorama unfolds here, captivating the hikers. Continuing to follow the narrow hiking trail, you now hike in gentle ups and downs to the nearby Glittner Lakes, on whose waters a wooden ship made by Innsbruck university students glides. Together with the two swans and the picturesque panorama, it gives the two secluded mountain lakes their unique charm. The way back from the Glittner Lakes is the same as the outward route. Welschellen - Welschellener Alm: 1h30' Welschellener Alm - Col da Lech: 40' Duration: 03:45 h Length: 9.6 km Meters of altitude: 675 m Equipment: Good footwear, sun protection, snacks and something to drink. Registration: Online or at the Tourist Info Kiens/Chienes until Tuesday 4:30 pm Costs: Whit Holidaypass Kiens/Chienes 11,00 €, others pay 25,00 €

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