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GINNER - Gin & Dinner !

Organizer: Boutique Hotel "Zum Rosenbaum"
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Das perfekte Dinner mit Gin Begleitung


22 October 2022
29 October 2022
Start with an aperitif at 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.

A selected tasting menu with various variations, perfectly coordinated. The great gin creations accompany the fine dishes, which chef Norbert Oberhöller and his team have worked out and adapted especially for the ginner.

from 95 € including aperitif, the menu with gin accompaniment


The number of botanical principles used in the production of gin is the real pride of its producers. Usually the number is 5-6 principles.

Some gins currently have up to 20 ingredients. By botanical principles we mean the various plants, herbs, spices and the various fruits that are macerated in neutral alcohol and in which these principles release their aromas, together with the juniper berries that give this characteristic resinous taste. The citrus scent of gin and its refreshing properties are due to the citrus fruits and essential oils of the lemon peel, both sweet and bitter orange, grapefruit and lime. In addition to the vegetable substances mentioned, other exotic spices are added to the gin. Among the exotic spices used we find coriander, cinnamon, cumin, cardamom, pepper, grains of paradise, nutmeg; While we have fennel, liquorice, cassia, coriander and countless natural perfumes from Europe, Africa, Asia and America among the plants. This strain allows us to enjoy very different gins, which are sometimes really surprising.

Would you like to try one?

Then you shouldn’t miss The Ginner, the tasting dinner that combines these botanical principles with dishes that enchant the palate.

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