Filmclub Brixen: Edie (in german language)

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GB 2018, 102 min. Directed by Simon Hunter with: Sheila Hancock, Kevin Guthrie, Paul Brannigan, Amy Manson, Wendy Morgan, Rachael Keiller, Donald Pelmear, Daniela Bräuer, Christopher Dunne, Tori Butler-Hart, u. a. Edie has always followed the needs of others. When her daughter Nancy wants to put her in a nursing home, the 83-year-old decides to take her life into her own hands and fulfill an almost forgotten dream: to climb Mount Suilven in the Scottish Highlands. With her dusty hiking equipment, she dares the adventure and hires young Jonny to prepare her for the challenging ascent. He quickly gets to know her stubborn, but also learns more and more about her story - and Edie gradually begins to trust others and themselves. So both unexpectedly stumble into a friendship that wonderfully turns their lives upside down. Tickets from 7.30 p.m. at the cash desk.