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Fascination Night & Starry Sky - Night Hike

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A extraordinary night walk to discover the current starry sky with amateur astronomer Steffi Wolters.

What actually is a star, how is it formed, why does it shine, why and how does it die? Or is it not a star at all but a planet? What are galaxies and can we see them? What is it about our home galaxy, the Milky Way? And how big and how far away are the stars we see with the naked eye? Where do we find our star sign, where the most important constellations? An answer to these and many other questions can be found on a extraordinary night hike with the passionate amateur astronomer and president of the "Max Valier" association Steffi Wolters. The short hike leads from the village centre of Steinegg / Collepietra over the Pstosserbühl to the roof terrace of the Hotel Steineggerhof. There the participants will dive into the depths of the universe. If required, bilingual guided tour (DE & IT) Reservation required on the day of the tour until 12 noon PRICE: Children from 6 - 13 years 5,00 € Adults from 14 years 10,00 €

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