Exhibition "Paul Flora - Life and Work"

Organizer: Glurns Marketing
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The exhibition in the Church Gate Tower shows 60 original drawings by the native Glurnser artist Paul Flora

Paul Flora moved to Innsbruck as a boy, but always retained a connection to his native town of Glorenza throughout his life. Here, he felt at home and close to his fellow-citizens. It was also his concern that the special atmosphere of Glorenza due to its medieval structures should be maintained and kept alive. Thus, Flora promoted the restoration of Glorenza and provided considerable support its achievement.

As a caricaturist for important newspapers, he was a master of public relations and established important links with various European press and television stations, which then became aware of the town. He convinced Professor Achleitner from the University of Vienna to come with his students to Glorenza, who then surveyed all of the buildings in town and provided an inventory under affordable conditions.

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Artist: Paul Flora

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