Exhibition: NATURA VIVA | Hanna Battisti

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Opening 24.9. 19:00 h In the hot summer, a goldfish bobbed on the surface of the water in the pond. Had it not withstood the heat? Had it simply become old and weak, as can happen among fish? He looked beautiful when I retrieved him and placed him on a firm surface, red tones in his scales, his eyes gazing at me. He was to get a portrait before I buried him. That's how it started with the small animals that came to me again and again, there a bird that flew against my window pane and then crashed to the ground, not dead, but in a long state of shock before it took off again. There was a lizard that disappeared under the door rug. I ought to explain that the forest begins close to my house, a small forest riddled with footpaths, and out of that forest and from my garden some tiny creatures dare to come close to human dwellings. This photographic work arises from a concern for all living beings, for the small animals and insects that are perceived as insignificant in our culture and as subordinate to humans. Our behaviour towards animals is the result of an anthropocentrism, a sense of grandeur of the human species that is already rooted in the Bible. After the creation of the world, God speaks to man: "Be fruitful and multiply, populate the earth, subdue it, and have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over every animal that stirs on the land" (Gen 1:28). This work is about rediscovering the enchantment of nature, in all its facets, life and death, small and creeping animals without human attributions, beyond use and consumption, neither as food nor as cute cuddly toys. It is about seeing every living creature in its own way, not in the service of man, but as a fellow being in the course of nature. HANNA BATTISTI Born in Kaltern, lives in Eppan, Province of Bozen (South Tyrol, Italy). Photographic artist, art therapist and lecturer in art education at the Free University of Bolzano. Artistic photography since 1994, with Rupert Larl, Fotoforum West, workshops with Ernestine Ruben (US), Ann Mandelbaum (US), Stephen Wilks (GB), Elisabeth Wörndl (A), Fotohof Salzburg. Photo reportages and residencies in Bosnia and Kosovo after the war, in Nepal, Tibet, China and South Korea. 2000-2010 board member of the gallery Fotoforum Bozen, since 2008 member of the Südtiroler Künstlerbund (Association of South Tyrol’s Artists). Solo* and collective exhibitions with the photo group North-South for Artistic Photography since 1997, most recently: 2022 Natura Viva, Fotoforum West, Innsbruck* 2022 Natura Viva, Lanserhaus, Eppan* 2021 Natura Viva, Sala Thun, Trent* 2020 #artigathome. Virtual Exhibition and #artigathome willkommen zurück, Galerie Prisma, Bozen 2019 FOTO:BUCH:SALON in the Atelier Hellekalek, Salzburg 2019 ANDERNORTS / ALTROVE, Stadtgalerie (Civic Gallery), Bozen 2018 ANDERNORTS, St. Valentinstraße & Plessi Museum Ruheraum, Brenner 2018 ANDERNORTS im Kunstwerkhaus Messnerhaus Mieming (A) 2017 NATURA VIVA, Foto&Scanografien. Fotoraum Meran (*) 2017 EIN MAULWURF BIN ICH. SONO UNA TALPA, SAI. Prisma Galerie, Bozen (*)