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Opening 04.03.2023, 7 pm Man and nature in the Nordic and in the Baltic Countries The Italian Photographer, Luca Berti, started out as a fashion photographer, but soon found his true calling away from the buzz of the cities as a recorder of rural people and Landscapes. For years he has been committed to the large-scale documentary project, Man and nature in the 21st century, by recording the life of rural communities in the Nordic and in the Baltic Countries. Luca Berti has a talent for covering big issues through talking portraits and landscape images. He is not interested in the ordinary tourism routes or glib success stories, but rather focuses his attention on the slightly melancholic view of decaying villages, the transformation of rural life and its reflection on landscapes and men. Luca Berti’s speciality is in taking photos the old way, using labour-intensive and comparatively slow analogue photography. In each phase of his efforts, you can feel the presence and touch of the artist. Carrying his clumsy photography equipment – including a heavy tripod, a Linhof camera, and negative plates – along on his photographic journey it feels as though he is stepping in the footprint of photographers wo recorded village life of much older days. His landscape photos repeat the image of roads meandering off into the distance, “those endlessly beckoning lines”, rivers, empty beaches, and abandoned places that draw you into them and trigger a yearning that has no name. High skies, distant horizons, timeless silence… the portraits contain fascinating wise faces which a ploughed with wrinkles as well as radiating youthful enthusiasm and childhood innocence. People are amazingly captivating in his photos! (from the book An Italian’s Estonia, Eesti Vabaõhumuuseum) Luca Berti, born 1978, Florence, Italy.Lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. +45-26467411 www.lucaberti.com contact@lucaberti.com