Exhibition | Flora Eterna

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The importance of plants in human life: In the Dolomites region traditional knowledge about the power of plants has been preserved over generations. Still today, Arnica, Masterwort, Yarrow, yellow gentian, pines and many other plants are used for therapeutic purposes or in the kitchen. Many of these plants have existed in unchanged form for nearly more than 300 million years. Especially the Dolomites provide interesting insight in the history of the flora. The exhibition illustrates the evolution of the plants from their origin to today, and their importance in human life. Highlights: Healing Nature – The Birth of Flora Eterna – Mountain herbs – Great Women in Research – The oldest Ginkgos and Coniferous Trees - Climate Catastrophes The exhibition shows the oldest plants on Earth and their evolution until present. It is hardly known that the Dolomites have played a very important role in the evolution of plants worldwide. The oldest Ginkgos and pine tree were found there. Hotels and Restaurants offer special dishes with mountain herbs. Selected outlets present specifically created spots with herbs teas, pine products, locally produced jams, and juices and liquors made of mountain herbs. In workshops, lectures and on guided hikes experts explain the importance of the Flora Eterna for all of us.