Exhibition Atelier Seiwald

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Luis Seiwald shows paintings, his "energy works" and his self-created jewellery and other art objects. Barbara Seeber her spherical clay drums.

Art exhibition by Luis Seiwald and Barbara Seeber in Monguelfo. The artist Luis Seiwald shows here his latest medium- to large-sized paintings on mostly handmade canvas. The intense colour horizons painted in glaze technique dissolve into galactic forms and offer a transition into other dimensions. Since the early 1990s, Seiwald has been creating "energy works" parallel to his painting: In the process, he installs "energy urns" in selected places. In this way, over 250 installations have created an ever more finely meshed network around the globe. Furthermore, Seiwald creates jewellery from various materials such as copper, ceramic, silver, glass and gold and processes different types of clay. The different firing techniques such as raku, foil firing, glazing techniques and bucchero are exciting. In 2016, he discovered a special clay in his home village of Colle, Val Casies Valley. He refines it and shapes utility ceramics from it. In addition to lithography, intaglio and screen printing, Seiwald's preference is for etching. While he used to print figurative motifs, he now transfers elements of his latest abstract paintings onto the etching plate. Since 2015, Luis Seiwald has been creating oversized snow pictures in workshops. Barbara Seeber developed the Planet Drum in 2011. These special spherical clay drums are formed from fireclay and fired using various firing techniques such as glaze firing, raku, horsehair, foil firing or bucchero. The instrument plays in a similar way to the African udu or the Indian ghatam. Each Planet Drum is unique and one-of-a-kind in sound. The shape of the instrument is registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Bolzano.

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