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Elvis the Musical

Elvis - The Musical with Joe Ontario, Michel Orlando, Silvia Scartozzoni, Elisa Filace, Marco Di Palma. Valeria Citi, Giancarlo Capito, Gennaro D'Avanzo. Production: Ilce Italia Srl and We4Show Director: Maurizio Colombi Music Director: Davide Magnabosco Choir Director: Alberto Schirò Choreography: Rita Pivano Lighting Design: ALIN TEODOR POP Set Design: Alessandro Chiti Costume Design: Claudia Frigatti Graphic Design: Gloria Prudente Elvis Presley is the figure in modern music who has most profoundly marked art, music, fashion and style in every era since. There is not a singer among all music stars from the 1950s onwards who has not been inspired or indirectly influenced by what is universally recognised as the King of Rock'n'Roll. Elvis the Musical is a fast-paced, rhythmic show featuring Presley's unforgettable hits from the 1950s until 1977, when the legend disappeared. The show, through Elvis's songs and the stories of various characters who passed through his life, reveals the backstage of a life consecrated to music and sacrificed to showbusiness. Elvis's tragic death reduced millions of people around the world to tears and despair, adoring fans who loved him and continue to love him bewitched by a charisma made of charm, rebellion, sweetness and shamelessness that spans the decades with the same disruptive force from which it was born. The show is performed by a band that accompanies a cast of 18 performers live, for just under two hours, through a historical period spanning more than four generations up to the 1970s. The set is enriched by videos that allow us to retrace, as if it were present, the unique experience of the human tragedy and irrepressible success of the greatest star of all time, Elvis Presley.

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