Elisabeth Oberrauch - ATLAS

Organizer: South Tyrolean Museum of Culture and Provincial History - Castle Tyrol
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Art exhibition in the keep of the Provincional Museum Castle Tyrol

The exhibition presents the "Rimpf Atlas" from the Museion Collection, a six-part work from 2000 based on the simultaneous use of two sign systems. Elisabeth Oberrauch combines map fragments of the upper Vinschgau region applied to paper with painting that can best be described as informal. The works are based on the dialogue between the strictly codified language of the map and the free movement of the brush. At the same time, in these sheets, the front and the back engage in a sophisticated dialogue. The abstraction of the landscape realised in cartography experiences a revival through the movements of painting. In addition, there are other works by the artist that work with map fragments.

For Elisabeth Oberrauch, born in 1950 in Merano, where she lives and works, paper in all its various manifestations plays an important role. Especially that which she has made herself. It serves as a carrier for drawing and painting, but also for applications of various materials. Books play an important role, books conceived as works. A large number of these artist's books relate to places the artist has visited on extensive journeys. Numerous exhibitions in South Tyrol, but also far beyond.

The exhibition is being organised in cooperation with Museion.

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Artist: Elisabeth Oberrauch

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