Dietmar Gamper (BZ): „Die Wohret und nicht as wos die bleckete Wohret“

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After a long retreat into the forests of the Tisner Mittelgebirge, the copperplate engraver and former cabaret artist Dietmar Gamper was persuaded to return to the cabaret stage at the repeated urging of the general public. He settles accounts with the characters he created in the past, which continue to haunt him to this day. In the absence of ideas and inspiration, Gamper tells the truth and nothing but the unvarnished truth in his new solo piece, in the hope that the characters he once created will not interfere with it. A very personal play about a true story told from different perspectives. What is the truth in the end is up to the audience. Macabre, grotesque, bitterly evil and true. A Gamper play. Performance date: Thursday, 14 March 2024 at the Carambolage in Bolzano, starting at 20:00.

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