Die Clempanei (BZ/A): Album release “Transalpine Chansons”

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The Clempanei are Georg Clementi and Ossy Pardeller, and they have recorded their first album as a duo. After touring for a year, they retreated to a boathouse on Lake Wallersee and immortalised their transalpine guitar chansons there. They are songs for the heart and the brain in equal measure, with plenty of humour, poetry and sophisticated guitar artistry, spiced up with harmonica and percussion. With their songs, the two build a great bridge for musical gourmets from Lake Garda via Bolzano and the Dolomites to Salzburg and on to the big cities of Vienna, Berlin and Hamburg. This is no everyday musical fare. The main ingredients of their idiosyncratic guitar chansons are the poetic lyrics by the award-winning "Zeitlieder" composer Clementi and the original arrangements by the exceptional guitarist Pardeller. As an accompaniment, there are two-part vocals, fiery percussion and sweet harmonica. And as the two also feel at home in the world of theatre, their songs are sometimes spiced up with poetically beautiful drama and sometimes with profound humour. "They make music that should be prescribed on prescription in our emotionally cold world." (Salzburger Nachrichten)

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