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Climatic therapy hike to the Partschins Waterfall climatic health Resort

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The natural healing method for increased wellbeing.

Climatic therapy is the application of natural weather and climatic factors for therapeutic purposes. The targeted use of (cool) air, wind and sunshine trains the immune system, increases performance and helps with chronic skin and respiratory disorders, metabolic disorders, osteoporosis, seasonal depression and cardiovascular problems. The particular health-promoting aspects of this hike, which leads from the centre of the village through orchards and deciduous forest up to Partschins Waterfall, include the fresh mountain air, sunshine and the pleasantly cool breeze. Thunderous noise and the finest spray herald the waterfall, which is revealed as an impressive natural spectacle after a good hour’s walk ascending 430 metres. A boon to lungs afflicted by life in the city, soothing for the soul and spirit. Measured exercise combined with targeted climatic exposure and expertly guided endurance and thermoregulation training lead to relaxation and recuperation, as well as increased resistance and a stronger immune system.

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