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Busy bees and hard-working bee keepers

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The world of bees and honey, followed by a tasting session

ONLY IN GERMAN OR ITALIAN How is honey made, how is a bee colony organised and why are these busy insects that never seem to get tired so important for us? This guided tour into the world of bees and beekeepers provides the answers to questions like these and more. Experts Alex Butti, Christian Kessler, Bert Innerhofer and Walter Moser from the Partschins Beekeeping Association give an overview of the lives of these hard-working little pollinators, show how they work in the open beehive and the amazing social behaviour of bees, and explain how honey gets from the flower to a jar with the “Made in South Tyrol” brand label on it. Equipped with the right protective clothing, participants can marvel at and literally get to grips with the inner life of the bee hive at close quarters. The guided tour also explains the role that the beekeeper plays, what exactly he does and how his activities must be strictly aligned to the course of the bees’ year. Afterwards, participants can discover the outstanding quality of South Tyrolean honey for themselves by tasting various types of honey.

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