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Botanical-naturalistic visit in Prad/Prato

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Walk with botanical-natural science guided tour in Prad/Prato

First we walk from the aquaprad Visitor Centre to the Suldenbach bridge and then along the river to the Prad sports zone. Here the Suldenbach river is released from its narrow corset into a unique river delta with many side arms. This is one of the last important habitats of Myricaria germanica in South Tyrol. Alnus glutinosa can also be found here. The Prader Sand is also an important resting place for migratory birds and a breeding ground for the Common Kingfisher and the Little Ringed Plover. A considerable part of the Prader Sand comprises dry, hot sand and gravel areas that are gradually becoming scrubland. Amongst others, the Nightingale breeds here and its marvellous song can mainly be heard in the morning and evening. Striking plants in this extreme habitat are Oxytropis pilosa, Oxytropis xerophila or Orchis militaris, which blooms as early as May. This very rare orchid species can also be found in the so-called "Kultur", a deciduous and pine forest that was planted in the 1880s and 1960s as a windbreak for the cultivated agricultural land. We walk back to the village of Prad through this forest, which is characterised by a branched irrigation system with irrigation channels. At lunchtime there is the opportunity to stop off at the restaurant close to the fishing ponds. Meeting point: 09:30 am, entrance to the aquaprad Visitor Centre Duration: approx. 5 h, walking time 3-4 h Tour length: approx. 5 km

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