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Guided hiking tour wiht tasting

The day's journey towards balance begins in Lajen/Laion where the bus takes you to Pontives. Here starts a short hike to the Oberspisserhof where we can immerse ourselves in the life of a farm. In addition, Paul tells us about his everyday life and the daily work that must be done. Meanwhile set the table for lunch. Via the Poststeig we reach our 3rd stop. To the Goatfarm of David, who has exchanged stacks of paper and files of his desk work for about 100 perky goats and has realized his dream of an ecological goat farm. With Helmut, who works as a baker and hiking guide because he can combine his passion for baking, mountains and recently also trees, it's off to the forest experience with all senses. Calm down, listen to the magical whispering of the trees in the wind, breathe fresh spicy air, feel nature, relax - the forest works wonders, as the saying goes, it invigorates and inspires. Walking time: 2h40 Height difference in ascent: 235 m Height difference in descent: 300 m Distance: 8,5 km

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