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Asparagus season in Terlano

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In April and May the eight asparagus hosts invite visitors to enjoy classic and creative asparagus dishes made with the valuable Margarete asparagus.

Spring time is asparagus time!

The sun tickles the nature, colors become intense and bright, spring is here: it's time for the Terlaner asparagus season.
For more than 30 years now, the Terlan asparagus hosts enchant lovers of the royal vegetable with ever new and sophisticated creations, without losing sight of the authenticity of the Terlaner asparagus.
Such fresh asparagus is usually not easy to get to the table: early in the morning, the asparagus is harvested by hand on the asparagus fields and already for lunch it is perfectly served by the eight asparagus hosts. This regional circulation guarantees freshness, pleasure and unique taste.

The eight asparague hosts:
• Restaurant Patauner, Siebeneich, Tel. 0471 918 502
• Restaurant Oberspeiser, Terlan, Tel. 0471 257 150
• Buschenschank Oberlegar, Terlan, Tel. 334 318 95 20
• Gasthaus Hochbrunner, Terlan, Tel. 340 866 97 35
• Restaurant Oberhauser, Terlan, Tel. 0471 257 121
• Restaurant Pizzeria Schützenwirt, Terlan, Tel. 0471 257 146
• Hotel Restaurant Weingarten, Terlan, Tel. 0471 257 174
• Hotel Restaurant Sparerhof, Vilpian, Tel. 0471 678 671

In April and May, the tradition of the "asparagus game" will once again revive. In the asparagus triangle Terlan, Vilpian and Siebeneich the asparagus is an experience, especially with the asparagus hosts, or at a culinary asparagus hike, with momentum on a bike or in a cozy carriage ride; discover our wide range of activities around the royal vegetable. You will find more information on the adventure programme on the following page:

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