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Alma Mahler accompanies you. Guided tour from the Cultural Centre to the Lodge

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Alma Mahler welcomes you The composition house in Carbonin Vecchia reopens its doors in the summer months....with a very special hostess Anyone who cultivates a passion for culture and music knows that Dobbiaco holds a treasure trove. Lying on a meadow overlooking the village and the entire valley, close to the forest towards Pian di Maia, is a small, simple wooden building. The building at first glance appears very modest, but stands proud and aware of its incredible significance and history. Between those planks, in fact, the famous Bohemian composer Gustav Mahler, accompanied by his beloved Alma, between the summers of 1908 and 1910, found peace and inspiration to compose some of his most beautiful and important symphonies, among them 'Das Lied von der Erde' (The Song of the Earth). After careful restoration, the composition house at the Trenkerhof finally reopens its doors to all those who want to breathe in the history and atmosphere of the Belle Epoque. During the Mahler Music Weeks in cooperation with the Santer Family, the owner of the cultural property, every visitor will have the opportunity to step back in time and breathe in the magic of those places and the surrounding nature. He will be accompanied by a very special hostess...Alma, the composer's beloved companion until her death in 1911, herself an eclectic and important figure in the history of world culture, who will make the visit even more special with stories and anecdotes. Admission to the park and the composition house is free of charge. On-site parking is available, but only in combination with a visit to the Wildlife Park.

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