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Wild & honey bees are the exciting experience of this bilingual guided (DE & IT) tour in the BeeForest with a visit to the bee educational centre.

Which animals and plants are essential for our bees and where do they find their well-being on certain days and at certain times of the year? The bee in the meadow, the bee at the pond, the bee in the pasture and at the former forest border - special power places for our indispensable helpers are pointed out on a short hike. It is not exclusively about the honey bee - the visitor also gets an insight into the exciting and very different life of the wild bee. Wild bees are the wild relatives of the honey bee and unlike honey bees, most wild bee species do not live in larger social groups. They usually fly through life as loners. At the beekeeper's house, everyone then has the opportunity to take a closer look at the hustle and bustle in a beehive at the display honeycomb. To round off the experience, a honey tasting is of course a must. Guided tour in german and italian. Reservation required until 12 noon on Monday PRICE: Children from 6 - 13 years 5,00 € Adults from 14 years 10,00 €

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