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A refreshing time-out: Summer hike to the enchanting Valtiglalm

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A refreshing break: summer hike to the rustic Valtiglalm

The ascent begins with a somewhat steep climb through the cool forest. We then enjoy a relaxed hike through the quiet side valley, which offers an idyllic atmosphere with its alpine flair, horses and cows. During the hike, participants experience nature up close and with all their senses. The babbling of a small stream invites you to feel the real summer freshness and enjoy the tranquillity of the surroundings. It is a wonderful opportunity to escape from everyday life, admire the beauty of nature and can help us to calm down and feel ourselves again. After the hike, a cozy stop at Manfred's rustic alpine hut awaits us. It is the perfect end to an eventful day in the mountains that is good for body, mind and soul alike.

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