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Groove Coverage live und Dj Set Vorfeiertag / Prefestivo Moonlight Shadow - God IS A Girl - Poison - Runaway - Angeline uvm. Support: Shany

live und Dj Set

Dienstag / martedi 24.04.2018

Helden der 2000er und Club Max präsentieren Groove Coverage mit Sängerin Mell und Dj Novus.

with all their mega-hits:


Doors open:
22.00 Uhr
10€ (Door Tickets only)

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Specials & Making of:

From 2002 till 2008 the crew (Dj Novus, Singer Mell) were undoubtedly one of the most important and influencing Dance-Music acts. All their singles and albums reached top sales chart-positions.

The Act's latest album before the break was a real Best Of album including all the highlights like "Moonlight Shadow", "God Is A Girl", "Poison" and many others. The musical concept was and is brilliant and successful: an unique sense for mostly rather melancholic hit-hooklines combined with pumpin beats and high production skills led their ideas to the top of the chart-lists.
But Groove Coverage are also border-breakers, they are fond of picking melodies of very different genres for creating the hits, like they did with rock songs like "Poison" or bad Religion's "21st century digital Girl", "She", on the other side, is based on a German X-Mas song and "On the radio" on a song of Germany's most popular a-cappella act Die Prinzen.

But Germany and even Europe wasn't enough for Groove Coverage - they are known almost around the planet including Asia, America, Australia, Africa. Almost every single was released internationally and Mell and Novus visited various countries during the years and entertained the crowd.

From 2002 - 2017 groove coverage released 20 sinlges, 4 albums (+1 Best of) and too many remixes to count for worldwide know artists.

"GOD IS A GIRL - wherever YOU are"

So it comes as no surprise that the band centered around DJ Novus landed a sensational Number 77 position in 2011 when they were officially named "Most successful German Single Act of the Last Decade". This award covered all genres and the band was named among many other international top acts.

In december 2015 Groove Coverage started a tour, called "Millenium Worldtour"-Special, continued with a packed tourschedule in 2016 and in 2017 there is still no end to see.

GROOVE COVERAGE ARE BACK ....... although they were never really ever away !!!
Music Awards:

ECHO 2003 (nom.)
ECHO 2004 (nom.)
Mc Mega Award 2003 (nom.)
New Faces Award 2003 (nom.)
BLM-Radio Galaxy Award 2003 (gewonnen)
German Dance Award 2003 (gewonnen)
Esca Radio Award 2004 (Polen) (gewonnen)
Sound Music Award 2008 (gewonnen)

Golden Vinyl:
Moonlight Shadow (268.000 verkaufte CDs Deutschland; August 2002)
Nina Stern "Miracle of Lyoness" (Music for Future; Summer 2010)


"Cover Girl" (2002); CD
German Media Control Album Charts: #6
Austria Top 40 Album Charts: # 43
Polish Longplayer Charts: # 23

"7 Years and 50 Days" (2004); CD
Media Control Album Germany: #16
Austria Top 40 Album Charts: #12
Polish Longplayer Charts: #24Indonesia:
Platinstatus (Best sold longplayer 04/05)

"21st Century" (2006); CD
Media Control Album Charts Germany: #39
Austria Top 40: #24

"Greatest Hits" (2007); Doppel CD
Release worldwide

"Riot on the Dancefloor" (2012), CD
Release worldwide

"Hit me" (1999); Vinyl, German Dance Charts Top 100
"Are u Ready" (2000); Vinyl,German Dance Charts Top 10
"Moonlight Shadow/Beat just goes" (2001); CD, German Media Control: #3; Austria: 5
"God is a Girl" (2002); CD, German Media Control : #8; Austria: 5
"The End" (2003); CD, German Media Control: #13; Austria: 16
"Poison" (2003); CD, German Media Control: #7; Austria: 3; UK 32
"7 Years & 50 Days" (2004); CD, German Media Control: #16; Austria: 6
"She" (2004); CD, German Media Control: #18; Austria: 14
"Runaway" (2004); CD, German Media Control: #20; Austria: 10
"Holy Virgin" (08/2005); CD; German Media Control: #30; Austria: 12
"On the Radio" (03/2006); CD, German Media Control: #21, Austria: 23
"21 st Century Digital Girl"; CD, German Media Control: #41 Austria: 32
"Because I love you" (October 2007)
"Innocent" (Sony; October 2010; German Media Control: #38)
"Angeline" (Sony; Release: May 2011; Media Control: #22)
"Think about the way" (Sony, Release 2012, Media Control #91)
"Riot on the Dancefloor" (Sony, Release 2012, -)
"Tell Me" (Surpime Music, Release 2014, -)
"Wait" (Surpime Music, Release 2014, -)
"Million Tears" (Suprime Music, Release 2015, -)

Chupa "Arriba" (Bigfoot; 2001)
DjValium "Bring the Beat back" (BMG; 2002)
X-Perience "Its a Sin" (Universal; 2002)
Special D "Come with me" (WEA; 2002)
Silicon Bros. "Million Miles from Home" (WEA; 2002)
Seven "Spaceman came travellig" (WEA; 2003)
Dj Cosmo "Lovesong" (Sony; 2003)
Sylver "Livin my life" (Universal; 2003)
Mandaryna "Here i go again" (Suprime Rec., Magic Rec.; 2004)
Sylver "Love is an Angel" (Universal; 2004)
Baracuda "Ass Up" (Suprime Records; March 2005)
Max Deejay vs. Dj Miko "Whats up" (En-De-Pendance; May 2006)
N-Euro "Lover on the line" (Warner Music, August 2006)
Melanie Flash "Halfway to Heaven" (Surprime Records; 2007)
Baracuda "La Di Da" (Suprime Records; 2007)
Punkrockerz "I wont forget you" (Dj Novus feat. Grooveriders Remix; Mental Madness Rec.; April 2008)
Goldfinger "Love Journey" (Universal Music Austria; Klubbstyle Rec. Germany; June 2008)
Arnie B "Another Story" (Suprime Records; Germany, July 2008)
Master Blaster "Everywhere" (Zooland Records; November 2008)
Within Temptation "Sinead" (Sony Music; July 2011)
Kim Wild "Its alright" (Sony Music, September 2011)
Djane Housekat "My Party" (Sony Music; February 2012)
Djane HouseKat "All the Time" (Sony Music, December 2012)
Djane HouseKat "38 Degrees" (Sony Music, June 2015)
Djane HouseKat "Ass Up" (Suprime Music, February 2016)

Remixprojekt "Dj Novus feat. Grooveriders":
Punkrockerz "Iwont forget you" (;Mental Madness Records; Januar 2008)
Buzzy "Alive" (Mental Madness Records; November 2008)
Alex Megane "Hurricane 2009" (Yawa Records; 2009)
Nina Stern "Miracle of Lyoness" (Music for Future; 2010; GOLD in Austria !!!)
Linda Teodosiu "Alive" (July 2011)
Housebatze "Heute Nacht" (September 2011; Mental Madness Records)

Compilations incl. Dj Mix CD:
Dance Planet Compilation (Joan Records; 2007)
Bounce Vol 3 (Mental Madness Records; 2009)



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