Ende neu

Veranstalter: Kulturverein TEMA

Tut uns leid, dieser Eintrag ist leider noch nicht in Deiner Sprache verfügbar.

Dance performance by Veronika Riz. Music & composition by Matthew Herbert.

ende neu is a small apartment, four roommates, a day of our daily lives to spend locked inside four walls with the only way out represented by our devices such as cellphones, tablets, laptops. 

ende neu is a performance created to address the challenge of the increasingly persistent use of technology in our lives: what drives us to leave reality and go into the virtual world? Why do we sink more and more into our devices to immerse ourselves in another universe? What do we find in the immaterial world that is missing in our material surroundings?

ende neu is where the virtual world does not replace the real world, but becomes a new vital dimension of it, and perhaps one of our new primary needs of our contemporary society materializes: to make the virtual tangible, to make unreality real

For more information visit www.temait.it 

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Besetzung und Durchführung

Choreografie: Veronika Riz
Darsteller: Adaya Berkovich, Lena Kilchitskaya, Gabriel Lawton, Marcin Motyl
Kompanie: TEMA
Musik: Matthew Herbert & Eren Solak (electronics),
 Jozef Dumoulin (keyboards),
 Eric Thielemans (percussion/electronics)